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Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm 365* days per year

*8-5 Chrstmas Day


"Gathering together and  sharing great food is truly one of the joys in life.  Eat well and savor all that life has to offer"

El Rancho Market or California Fresh Market, same ownership, same great fresh prepared food. Remember. You can start out your day at our coffee bar for fresh roasted coffee and end your day with a hot healthy delicious prepared dinner from our deli.

Remember, California Fresh is best!

"Although we try and carry everything that we can think of, despite our best efforts great food items get missed.  So please let us know if you have any special requests.  We will even give you great case discounts for items that you want, but we can not at that moment stock, or if you just want a better deal!"

We strive to make food and life a seamless continuum, food is life, life is food, almost everything we do revolves around nurishing this magic machines we call the human body.  Fresh Nutralicious food is the only thing that should be put in your mouth, and El Rancho is the place to find it.  But we are realists, and to be honest a bit gluttonous, so expect to find the finest wines, cheeses, condiments, etc for the that special moment were nothing says as much as a great meal shared between friends.  And to muddy the waters even further, Cheetos and Twinkies for the child in all of us.

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El Rancho was started by Helmut Holzheu, a German Immigrant in 1966 in Santa Ynez,CA.  Helmut was trained as a master butcher and quickly established himself as the premier location for great meat that carries on to today.  Alfred his son, took over in 1988 and added gourmet food and substancially enlarged the produce and wine depts in the early 90's along with a full deli manned by real white hats.  We hope you enjoy our cooking.

Everyday we start by making breakfast, then start producing all of the many products that we make fresh daily, including now in Pismo a full bakery.  Some of the products that we make everyday are Fresh Salsas, Guacamole, Humus, Basil Penne Pasta, Fresh Roasted Coffee, Three Bean Tri-Tip Chili. etc.

Get in touch with us at

805-688-4300 Solvang

805-295-7162 Pismo Beach